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Having a dream is important, but it's one thing to just dream while lying on the couch, and it's another thing to go step by step towards it, bringing the moment of its fulfillment closer. Our hero in the game is a simple boy who loves football and dreams of playing in the Major League. But to get there, you need to show not just a good game, but a unique, best one that you have seen so far. The coach should be surprised and, without hesitation, take such a player into his team. The guy came up with an unusual way of training, in which he trains his agility and ability to handle the ball, as well as quick reaction. Help him complete the levels and for this you need to collect six golden balls on the field, avoiding collisions with ordinary soccer balls. The hero has six lives, each collision with the balls takes half of the heart, but in the playing space they can be replenished, they appear from time to time. In addition, do not miss the gold coins with hearts, there can also be interesting and useful bonuses.

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sports, soccer, football, arcade, kids, fun, skill, io

Added: 14 November 2020 | Played: 729 times