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Sector 781


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At a secret government facility, Sector 781, experiments are being conducted to combine alien DNA with various animals. Thus, mutants are brought out, which they want to use in a war against the enemy. But the trouble is due to the negligence of the guards, part of the mutants broke free and destroyed half of the base personnel. You will have to infiltrate this base and destroy all your opponents. In front of you on the screen you will see your character, who will move forward through the underground halls of the base. On its way, traps will come across. You will have to do so that your hero avoids getting into them and avoids the traps. As soon as you notice a mutant, aim your weapon at him and open fire to defeat. Having destroyed the enemy, you will receive points and will be able to pick up trophies that will drop from the monster.

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action, platform, retro, run, shooting, adventure

Added: 12 March 2021 | Played: 606 times